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Project Description
.NET Micro Framework project that provides a web-based interface for a Netduino based temperature monitoring circuit.

The DIY Brewery Temperature Logger is a Netduino Plus Project that provides a web-based temperature monitor. It is the first phase of a multi-phased project to build a .NET Micro Framework based Electric Brewing System Controller. SInce monitoring temperatures during the entire brewing process is important I felt it was probably the best place to start.

This project has several parts:
  1. CodingSmackdown.ControlInterface - A jQuery based website that is hosted on the Netduino Plus' SD Card and served using the NeonMika.NETMF.Webserver. It provides a self updating view of the temperature history as well as a settings tab that allows you to change the logger's settings as well as the Netduino's Network settings.
  2. CodingSmackdown.Services - A C# .NETMF Library that contains the various threading libraries to handle the NETBIOS Name Resolution, NTP Time Client and Temperature Logging. It also includes classes to handle accessing the various GPIO and Analog pins on the Netduino and other various base and support classes used by the project.
  3. CodingSmackdown.TemperatureMonitor - A C# .NETMF Application that is responsible for loading up the various services at start time and provides classes that are used by the NeonMika.NETMF.Webserver to process jQuery requests sent by the web client.
  4. JSONLib - A C# .NETMF Library used to format the various responses in JSON format for use by the web client. The original code was written by Wouter Huysentruit and can be found over at
  5. NeonMika.NETMF.Webserver - A C# .NETMF Library that provides the entire web server for the project. The original code was taken from the NeonMika.NETMF.Webserver project here on codeplex over at This version was paired down specifically for this project and to meet the memory constraints of the Netduino platform. For the latest version please reference the original project.

Below are pictures of the user interface and schematics of the temperature sensor circuit:

The main page retrieved by navigating to http://netduinoplus/index.html


The Settings Tab that can be used to change the Temperature Logger's behavior and network settings


The breadboard layout of the temperature sensor circuit


The schematic of the temperature sensor circuit


Images of the prototype Netduino Shield that holds the temperature sensor



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